“The most important shot in golf is the next one..”

Ben Hogan

Where to find the best information on golf equipment and instruction for mid handicappers and beginners?

Here in this site we will try to give an honest and simple tips on a wide variety of golf related subjects. Keep navigating on this site to find what’s relevant for you!

Improve your pitching

We will try to make the pitching simple and easy in this article. As most golfers like to improve their golf pitching technique from inside 100 yards and get closer to the hole.

Increase your backspin

We will give you tips and drills to improve your backspin, when pitching and chipping. This will help your improve your short game.

Improve your fairway woods swing

We will look in to the some of the problems that many golfers encounter when hitting fairway woods off the tee and from the ground.

7 types of shots with golf hybrids

It’s easier to hit golf hybrids. We show you 7 different ways that you can use your rescue club on the course and lower your scores.

This is the complete golf driver swing instruction. 

This is the complete golf iron swing tutorial. 

stop hooking with golf driver

We are going to show you how to cure your hook for good. We are going to talk about, why you have a hook and then how to fix it.

Improve Your Golf Chipping

We are going to help you with chipping. Chipping is a significant part of your golf game and we want you to become very good at it!

Basic Fundamentals of Good Putting

We are going to explain to you 5 most common putting grips and the 4 fundamentals putting skills that you need to perform better on the greens.

Stop slicing with golf driver

For amateurs and high-handicapped golf players, slice is a major problem. Let’s look into the definition, causes and cures for a sliced golf ball.

Best Golf Driving Range Practice

Let’s discuss about the perfect golf range practice routine. How we would structure a practice routine.

different types of golf clubs

What clubs do you need? What do each club do? We are here with some good advice on how to build your bag.

How to play good golf?

Lets take a look at how we can make your golfing experience memorable.

hold a golf club Correctly​

We will give you the most detailed golf information about holding the golf club properly.