Best Forgiving Golf Putters For Improved Accuracy

So, you finally decide to shop for the best golf putter for season 2020. We have listed the best putters that’s available in the market right now, that are forgiving and give you maximum accuracy. Improve your putting!¬†

Best forgiving golf putters for improved accuracy - High end

Best forgiving golf putters for improved accuracy - Budget end

TaylorMade Spider Golf Putter

ūü•á Best All-round Golf Putter

TaylorMade Spider Golf Putter


What are the features of TaylorMade Spider Golf Putter?

The TaylorMade Spider model is a great choice if you are considering a classic mallet. A lot of the professional use it, and it got enough forgiveness and accuracy for weekend golfers. The stylish clean red or black colour is quite appealing for many golfers. The design changes from the previous model are not that big and as they both are equally good.

  • Pure Roll Innovation makes the ball rolling quickly for improved speed and distance control.
  • Perimeter weighting improves the MOI and makes the putter one of the most forgiving putters that is available today.
  • Face balance face and toe hang face designs give options for golfers with both arcing and square back-square through strokes.

TaylorMade Spider Golf Putter Specifications

  • Handicap Range : golf handicap dots low green golf handicap dots mid greengolf handicap dots high green
  • Brand TaylorMade
  • Color multicolour
  • Hand Orientation Right Left¬†
  • Head Design: Modern Mallet
  • Head Weight: 355 grams
  • Loft: 3.5 degrees
  • Lie Angle: 70 degrees
  • Toe Hang: 38 degrees
  • Offset: Half shaft
  • Length options: 34, 35 inches
  • Grip: Winn Medalist Pistol

What are the pros and cons of TaylorMade Spider Golf Putter?


  • check mark Precision
  • check mark¬†Performance
  • check mark Forgiveness
  • check mark Design
  • check mark Value


  • golf cons dotPrice

Odyssey Red O-Works Golf Putter

ūü•á Most forgiving Golf Putter

Odyssey Red O-Works Golf Putters


What are the features of Odyssey Red O-Works Golf Putter?

The colour contrast of red against the green grass looks very pleasing for many golfers. The white alignment lines on top looks very nice and let you take a clear aim at the target. Odyssey provides the same model in black colour as well. Odyssey have a few designs under the O Works Red series, but the above model #7 looks stunning. It really fits the eye nicely on the green. A mix of shape and colour make it a must have in your golf bag.

  • Consistent Roll with the New Microhinge Face Insert – This new innovation will improve the way the balls roll off the putter face. Microhinge innovation gives exceptional gains in top spin, roll and accuracy¬† at contact regardless of stroke.¬†
  • The Red Finish provided by Pro Feedback¬† : Many players like a clean, and simple look.¬† The red finish is very popular with many professionals on PGA tour.¬†
  • New and Improved Versa Alignment Innovation : The red lines give you an additional visual effect to make sure you are lined up correctly to your target.
  • Odyssey Tour Designed Shapes – The company got some of the most prolific putter models that have dominated amateur events and major championships for years. It is the number 1 putter maker in the world and are constantly working to develop and design shapes for excellent performance.
  • The Most forgiving and accurate Golf Putter in the group.

Odyssey Red O-Works Golf Putters Specifications

  • Handicap Range : golf handicap dots low green golf handicap dots mid greengolf handicap dots high green
  • Golfer : Mens
  • Hand Availability¬†:¬†Left, Right
  • Left Handed Lofts¬†¬†:¬†2.5 degrees
  • Right Handed Lofts¬†:¬† 2.5 degrees
  • Lie¬†¬†:¬†70¬†
  • Weight¬†¬†:¬†360 grams
  • Club Lengths ¬†: 34 -35 inches
  • Shaft Types ¬†:¬†Steel
  • Grip ¬†: SuperStroke GT grip
  • Moment of Inertia :¬† 4900 g-cm¬≤
  • Putter Shape¬† : Mallet
  • Putter Insert ¬†:¬†Yes
  • Putter Face Grooves ¬†:¬†Yes

What are the pros and cons of Odyssey Red O-Works Golf Putters?


  • check mark Precision
  • check mark¬†Performance
  • check mark Forgiveness
  • check mark Design
  • check mark Value


  • golf cons dotGrip quality

Cleveland Huntington Beach Golf Putter

ūü•á Most Underrated Golf Putter

Cleveland Huntington Beach Golf Putter


What are the features of Cleveland Huntington Beach Golf Putter?

Huntington Beach SOFT Putter got a fine mix of accuracy and forgiveness. It delivers many innovations that helps you to improve your putting on the green. Speed Optimized Face Innovation gives you consistent distance control on center strike and mis-hits. You will get exceptional distance control, soft feel, and confidence with the latest Huntington Beach Soft model.

  • 9 different head designs are made with specific stroke types and player skills in mind.
  • Speed Optimized Face Innovation and precision milled diamond shaped face design provides players a nice soft feel and distance control.
  • Low center of gravity increases the feel and stability, assisting the putts to start on line.
  • The Most Underrated Golf Putter in the group.

Cleveland Huntington Beach Golf Putter Specifications

  • Handicap Range : golf handicap dots low green golf handicap dots mid greengolf handicap dots high green
  • Golfer : Mens, Women
  • Hand Availability : Left, Right
  • Material : Steel
  • Finish : Chrome
  • Club Lengths : 33 – 34 – 35 inches
  • Grip : Lamkin – WinnPro X
  • Putter Shapes : Blade, Mallet
  • Models : 1 – 4 – 6
  • Putter Insert : No
  • Putter Face Grooves : Yes
  • Lie :¬†64¬į
  • Club Lengths : 35¬† inches
  • Swing Weight : D3 – D5
  • Shaft Name :¬†True Temper Dynamic Gold
  • Shaft Types :¬†Steel
  • Shaft Flex :¬†Wedge
  • Shaft Weight : 130 gm
  • Grip : Golf Pride Tour

What are the pros and cons of Cleveland Huntington Beach Golf Putter?


  • check mark¬†Performance
  • check mark Forgiveness
  • check mark Design
  • check mark Value


  • golf cons dotSoft feel at impact

Pinemeadow PGX Golf Putter

ūü•á The Cheapest Golf Putter


Pinemeadow Golf Men's PGX Putter


What are the features of Pinemeadow PGX Golf Putter?

PGX golf putter gives a white finish that provides a clear contrast against the green grass for best focus on the target. It is suited for both faster and slower greens. It provides a smooth forward rolling ball at impact, that is forgiving, giving better accuracy in your putting.

  • Tour Weighted Putter : The total weight of 380 gm on the club head of the putter is 40 gm heavier than standard putters. This extra weighting is suitable for slow and medium slow putting surfaces.
  • Alignment Aids: The white finish provides a contrast with the green grass for excellent alignment of the ball. The putter got 3 alignment lines that will make it easy for golfers.
  • Putter Length: The putter shaft is 34 inches long, which will help golfers who are of varied heights.
  • Putter Appearance: The PGX got a nice and stylish white design that gives you confidence as you stand over address position.
  • The Cheapest Golf Putter in the group.
  • Head cover:¬† Included.

Pinemeadow PGX Golf Putter Specifications

  • Handicap Range :¬† golf handicap dots mid greengolf handicap dots high green
  • Golfer : Mens Ladies
  • Hand Availability :¬† Right Left
  • Loft : 3 degrees
  • Design : Mallet putter
  • Lie : 90
  • Weight : 380 g
  • Men’s Length : 34 inch
  • Ladies Length : 33 inch

What are the pros and cons of Pinemeadow PGX Golf Putter?


  • check mark¬†Performance
  • check mark Forgiveness
  • check mark Design
  • check mark Value


  • golf cons dotWhite colour can get easily dirty

How to buy good golf putters? Golf Putter Buying Guide for mid handicappers and beginners.

  1. What are different types of putter design?
  2.  Which are the most common putter shaft designs?
  3.  What is putter face inserts made of?
  4.  How long is a putter shaft?
golf putter buying guides

For many, the putter is a pretty boring club. But if you look at it purely objectively, it is probably the most important of all the golf clubs in the bag. If you been playing for a while, you can conclude that you hit about half of the strokes with the putter. It is an incredibly important club. So, a missed putt from 1 ft costs as much as a missed drive. If you can be stable in your putting and avoid three putts, you will get a pretty good score.

Think of the expression ‚ÄúDrive for show, putt for dough‚ÄĚ. This sums it all up well. The most impressive thing to see is when someone stands on the range or on the first hole and hits a drive of 280m. But for those who want to get a good score or want to earn money, they should putt well. Take, for example, Tiger Woods and what he is known for. He revolutionized the game when he came out by being well-trained and striking the ball very far. A lesser know fact is that Woods is a great putter also. Few have putted as many important putts as he has.

You should spend at least half your training time putting. But instead we like to stand on range and bang away long drives, which is more fun. Choosing a putter is not that easy, as there are a lot of different types to choose from. It’s everything from big putters to the more classic blade putters. Then the shaft can be attached, for example, in the middle of the putter or on the heel. Everything depends on how the putter feels, when you play with it.

It is also the club where it is mostly about the ‚Äúfeel‚ÄĚ. If you take a driver, for example, there is hardly anyone who nowdays plays with a 20-year-old driver. The technology has developed so much. But when it comes to a putter it may be that an old putter just feels right. Tiger Woods has won almost all his majors with the same putter. There are many other examples of great players who stick to just one putter. The nice thing about the putters is also that the price does not matter as much. The chances are that an expensive putter is nicer to put with as more thought has been put into it. But a cheap putter from the local sports shop can also work. Everything is about feel and the best thing is to test it.

What are different types of golf putter design?

golf putter head mallet blade
There is a lot of different designs for putters and here we will look at some of the most common types. Above you can find picture that show what the different types look like. Putters are usually divided into three different types:
  • Blades
  • Half-mallets
  • Mallets
The first type is a classic blade putter. These are usually very nice to look at as they are simple in their design. The disadvantage of these putters are, that they are not particularly forgiving at miss hits. So, if you are going to buy such a putter you should be sure of the green. Nowadays, few people play with such putters.
The next is half mallet. One can be seen in the picture in the middle. These are quite small in their design and can look quite clean. But not as good looking as a blade putter.
Something that has become popular in recent years is mallet putters. You can see one in the picture on the far right. The appearance of these can vary. The big advantage of these is that they are very easy to putt on. The weight is often high which gives a stability, plus that it is also placed so that the miss-hits are more forgiving.

Which are the most common golf putter shaft designs?

golf putter shaft hosel

The club head itself sits a little behind the shaft. The purpose of this is to help the player‚Äôs eyes be over the ball. But also, to get your hands in front of the ball, which is important for a good putt. How you want the shaft to look and be attached, is something you must think about. For example, it may be that the shaft is at the heel of the club head or in the middle. The shaft can be bent at the end, creating a different angle. You can say that it does matter as where the shaft is attached, as it affects the “feel”. I like straight shafts that are attached to the middle of the putter. This helps me get a good stroke on the ball. It’s a personal preference.

What is golf putter face inserts made of?

golf putter face insert
A club head can be made of a variety of materials. For example, it can be with ordinary steel but also several other materials. Especially when you look at inserts that sits where ball makes contact. These are made of different materials, including with rubber.
One thing to consider when it comes to putters is that, how soft an insert should be. For a general rule, one can have soft insert for fast greens.  A hard insert gives more speed and is best suited for slow greens. The best thing is to test a few different types to see what works best.

How long is a golf putter shaft?

golf putter shaft

The most common fact is that an average putter is usually 35‚ÄĚ long. Of course, you can also get them shorter or longer if you wish. Then there are also stomach, chest and chin putters. These are much longer and attached to the body as you putt. But from 2016, it is no longer allowed to use putters anchored to the body. It will still be allowed to have longer putter such as Matt Cuchar armlock¬īs putter. He uses a putter that is anchored to his forearm, which is legal.


What to consider when choosing golf putters? Low, Mid or High Handicapper

For a better, intermediate or a beginner player, it is important to have a putter that you trust and perform well.  Honestly, there is no right or wrong putter for players of any skill level. It’s all about the feel and confidence that you have with a certain putter.  Generally, for a slower green, its ideal to use a mallet putter. For faster greens, use a blade putter. This tactic will increase your performance on the green. The mallet putters are more forgiving on off-center hits than blade putters. But, blade putters are better for distance control!

What is a MALLET golf putter?

Mallet putters got a variety of designs and larger club heads. These club heads comes in various shapes such as a half circle, square back, or other designs. Its ideal to use a mallet putter on slower greens.

What is a BLADE golf putter?

The blade putter got a straight, blade style club head with a thin flange, with several neck options that can impact a player’s comfort and performance. A blade putter is ideal to use on a faster green, as you can control the distance better.

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