🥇 How to hold a Golf Club Correctly? Tips and Instructions for a Better Grip

grip a golf club correctly

You can find thousands of sites with information on how to hold your golf club correctly, right handed or left handed. But one of the major mistakes is that, they don’t go into enough detail. Maybe tell you a couple highlights about where the hand should be, turn to the right or turn to the left. But they don’t go into details, exactly how the hand should fit on the club. We will give you the most detailed golf information about holding the golf club. We will give you some great drills to engrain that, with a really cool training aid that you can use at the end of this page. It will help you to accelerate your progression to a better golfer.

Steps to hold your golf club correctly

  1. Choose a grip type between that suits you. example: overlap, interlock or baseball grip.
  2. Your hands should always work as a single unit.
  3. Your grip should be neutral. You should only see 2 knuckles on your lead hand.
  4. If you slice a lot, take a stronger grip. You will see more knuckles on lead hand.
  5. If you hook, take a weaker grip. You will see less knuckles on lead hand.
  6. Have a constant grip pressure. A THREE on a scale of one to ten.
  7. You can swing nice and relaxed now!

How to hold the golf club inside you palm?

There are 3 things you want to accomplish when you are holding the golf club correctly. Below we discuss golf grip in detail: 

  1. Hands Together – Your hands melded together with the club and working together. That way you have complete control of the golf club.
  2. Hinge Club Properly – You want to hinge the club properly. That way as you get the lag and then release lag in the golf swing. You are able to do that by holding the club properly.
  3. Hands Turned Correctly – You want to have the hands turn correctly. To the right or to the left, that way you can hit some nice straight shots.

Hold the golf club with hands togather

correct golf grip

In this section, we will go over how to hold golf club in your fingers. We are going to start out to with something called the short thumb. The short thumb is something we see in beginning golfers as they hold their golf clubs. They make a fist as they hold the club. We do that, no matter if we are using interlock or overlap any of other grip types. You can also have your thumb goes well past your index finger and see the tip of the thumb nail is well past the bottom of your index finger and that’s what we call a long thumb. That is both in the left hand and on the right hand, the thumb is very long. We don’t want to do this because as we hold the club this way, you can see there is some big gaps in between the fingers and the palm of your hand. We will not really get the full coverage on the grip and you see there are gaps. And now we can’t really feel the club. 

A great way to fix this is by using something that you guys already know how to do. Pretend that you are handing a very small object to somebody, like a golf tee. You are going to hand it to somebody. Notice how your thumb and your index finger are positioned. They would be about the same level.  When we do this, we are having to spread out our fingers this way and that’s going to give us more coverage on the club. We will try to use a similar feel, as we hold the golf club with left hand first. We will have that same kind of feeling by spreading out the fingers and now the tip of your thumb is almost level, with the index finger.  Same thing with the right hand as we grip it there. Now the tip of the right thumb it’s going to be level of the index finger. That’s called the short thumb. You don’t have the thumb way down and want to pull it back in. You can feel a lot more coverage on the golf club as you do that.

How to Hinge golf club Properly?

hold golf club inside palm

We want to work on is to make sure that we can hinge the golf club properly and get the speed that we want. We are going do this by setting the club in your left hand. So, if you open your left hand, you are going to see that there are two pads. There is one pad on the bottom of your thumb, kind of a meaty pad and then one below your pinky finger. And if you feel all the way at the bottom of this pad, there is a small circular bone at the very bottom. As we are holding the club, we want to make sure that the top of the club, the top of the grip, all the way at the end of the grip, that circular bone is resting just on top of that. Now with your index finger, we are going to make it a hook, just like we are shooting guns, going to pull the trigger. We are going to do that at the bottom of the club.

 If we do this correctly, at the top of your hand that bone is on top of the grip. And at the bottom of the hand index fingers wrapped around. And now we are just going to hold it with the rest the hands. Again, we are using short thumb as we are doing this.  That’s going to allow us to hinge the club and to get a lot more speed, as we learn the proper swing. So, as we mentioned the hands should work together with the club, also work together with each other. We are going to make sure that the hands are touching and really interlocking and into each other, melding together properly.

The most common golf grip types

Let’s go over the most common golf grips that you can try. One of the most common things that people talk about, is whether we go overlap grip, interlock grip or a baseball grip. You can do any of those three and be a very successful golfer. 

1. Baseball golf grip

golf Baseball grip

First let’s go over how to hold a golf club with a baseball grip. When your index finger of your left hand, and your pinky finger of your right hand, are lined up this way just like you’d be swinging a baseball bat. This is the least popular way to hold the gold club. This is an okay grip to use if you have smaller hands, that we don’t have as much strength because you are going to have, more of your hands on the club. You are going to feel like you have a little bit more power. So, if you don’t feel like you have a lot of strength or you have very small hands, then you may want to use a baseball grip. Some people tell you that you can’t play good golf with the baseball grip. We have good baseball grip players playing in college teams and in tours, who have won hundreds of thousands of dollars. They use the baseball grip and hits the ball awesome. So, if they can do it, then anybody can use the baseball grip. 

2. Overlap golf grip​

golf Overlap Grip

Let discuss how to hold a golf club with an overlap grip. So, we take your left hand and hold the club. And then we are going to take your pinky finger of your right hand and overlap, the index finger of your left hand. Now we can see is we are doing this, that’s going to get the hands working together, as a unit. This is a great grip and one of most popular grips of many pros.

3. Interlock golf grip​

golf Interlock grip

Lets look ate how to hold a golf club with an Interlock grip. Its the favourite of many golf players and could give you feel like you have the best control over the club. So, we are simply going to take the index finger of your left hand and the pinky finger of your right hand. And interlock those two in together, now really feel like they’re locked in together. Some popular players use interlock. Tiger Woods and Greg Norman, use interlock and a lot of good players use this grip as well. You can use any three grips, but the key is not necessarily how you interlock your hands or overlap your hands, it’s how the hands are on the club and working together.

How to hold a golf club to fix a slice or Fade?

golf grip to stop slicing fade

Here we discus, how to hold a golf club to fix a slice or Fade. The popular information that you’ll probably hear is where the “V’s” in your finger should be pointing. Now ideally if we have what’s called a neutral grip, that means your hands are turned to for the right to the left. The V’s that’s created between your thumb and  your index finger with your left hand will be pointing towards your back shoulder. The V’s with your right hand, so the line between your thumb and your index finger of your right hand should be pointing a little bit to the right of that. So, it’s going up toward the inside of your right shoulder, that would be a completely neutral grip. Now there has been really good players that have played with this type of grip.

Tiger Woods grip looks very similar to this style. There is also been really good players that have used a very strong grip, where those V’s are going way more to the right. Pro player, David Duval, back in the nineties, who was the number one player in the world had a very strong grip. His V’s in his hands were turned to the right. If you turn everything more the right, that’s going to close the club face, that’s going to make it easier to hit a draw, or easier to get that club to turn over. If we do that a little too much, it can get dangerous. We recommend staying somewhere close to neutral. Or if you want to go little right, that’s fine.

How to hold a golf club to fix a Hook or draw?

golf grip to stop hooking draw

Let’s check, how to hold a golf club to fix a Hook or draw. The V’s that is created between your thumb and your index finger on your left hand, points to the inside of your left shoulder, and your right hand is more on top of the club.(for right handed golfer).

The great Ben Hogan had a weak grip. For most people, this style is the not so popular.  Many golfers hit a slice or not getting the ball turnover right to left. We would highly recommend you go more to the right, instead of a weaker grip. But for pro players and for players that struggle with hooking the ball, having a weaker grip will be completely fine.

How to hold with the golf club with correct grip pressure?

Here we are going to talk about how to hold a golf club with correct grip pressure, during the swing. When we say grip pressure, you are probably thinking about how tight we are squeezing the golf club with your fingers and that’s part of it, but it’s not the whole story. It’s not just how you are holding the club, it’s also the pressure in your wrists, your elbows in your shoulders. How this entire unit is working together, to create good club head and club face awareness. It allow you to deliver the club face the back of the ball, ultimately allowing you to hit the kind of golf shot you want to be able to hit. 

How do hold a gold club for Maximum Distance?

correct golf grip pressure

We can try get the maximum distance, by holding the golf club correctly.  Think about a scale from zero to ten. ZERO, be the golf club just falling from your hands and TEN would be you holding it so tight, you feel like you are turning yourself into a statue. Once you establish that scale, take your grip, at what you imagine to be a level of THREE. It’s a firm hold but it’s still soft, allow you to create the club head awareness you are looking for. Once you have that, we want you to have a little experiment related to not only the weight of the club, but also how soft you can get those joints. So, take your grip and try moving the club head up and down, up above your hands and then down below your hands.  You are holding this golf club nice and soft at that level three. As the club head gets above your hands, the club should feel lighter. As the club head drop below your hands it should feel heavier. This is what we are talking about as relate to club head awareness, being able to feel the weight of the club head changing based on different areas of the golf swing.

From there what we should do, is take your elbows and bring them in and now toward your body and then away. Here we are trying to make sure that the elbow joints are soft and the shoulders are nice and relaxed as well, no restrictions. Finally, what we want to do is take a little trip around the clock so as we are looking at this club head, from your perspective we got twelve o’clock up, we got six clock down. We are to go around the clock twelve, three, six, nine and back up to twelve. Here what we are trying to do is make sure that have nice loose and relax wrists. Do it a couple times, level three up and down, in and out, work around the clock. You start to understand what it means to have a great club ahead awareness, with a nice secure grip, soft and flexible wrists elbows and shoulders . As you are going to hit golf shots, take your set up and try to incorporate some of these elements into your pre-shot routine. With the club head up and down, arms in and out, a little waggle around the clock and then swing away.

To play great golf, it all starts with having a nice fundamentally sound grip that works for you. But on top of that, finding the pressure that allows you to create great control and awareness for the club head. Next time you got to practice working on your grip, remember, it’s more than just how you hold in your hands. It’s also those wrists elbows and shoulders. Put this technique in your game and we guarantee you it will help you hit better shots.

Why do you get blisters in your palm and fingers when golfing?

Many golfers get blisters in their palm and fingers when golfing. The reason is simple. They are holding their club too tight! As mentioned above, hold your club nice and relaxed, at 3 on a scale of 1 to 10. The relaxed grip should be maintained throughout the swing, at address, to backswing, to impact and to follow-through!

Drill to change your golf grip: Training Aid

golf grip Training Aid drill

We are going to show you one of our favourite golf grip training aid.  Its very simple and hits a lot of the key check points that we talked about here. It’s called the Golf Grip Trainer, and we really enjoy this grip. What we like about this is that, you can snap it on and off of any club. Imagine that you are going to the range and you want to work on your grip really quick, with your pitching wedge. Snapped on the pitching wedge and hit some shots. Then you want to go switch over to the driver but you still want to work on your grip, you can snap it off and snap it on the driver. It’s really easy to use.

If you have the melded grips that are solid rubber grip, then you have to have a special club. It is not very practical. With this unit you just snap on and off, put in your pocket and use it for another day. So it’s very simple. Lets go over, how to put this on. All you are going to do is, there is a little white line, we can see on the top of the grip. You have to line that up with your club face, simply going to put your left hand on, about where we need it. We are going to snap it on quickly here. That’s really firmly on the grip and now as we lined this up. We are going to put that white line, lined up with the club face and now that we know this is a neutral grip. 

golf grip practice aid

As we hold the golf club, we are a slotted to make sure that the circular bone is lined up the right height to the grip. Now it’s going to make us have a short thumb. It’s going to have your index finger and your thumb working together and if we slide your right hand on, the left thumb is going to fit right into your right hand. And it’s also going to have you pinch with a short thumb on your right hand. We really like this grip and its very easy to use.

Another cool feature about this is that we can twist this on the club. Let’s say you want to use a slightly stronger grip, by shifting your hands to the right. All we got to do is instead, is to line this up, we can simply twisted a little to the right. So now it’s lined up to the side slightly and we can use a bit of a stronger grip. As we are setting up, same thing with a weaker grip, we want to go more of a Ben Hogan, we can slide it to the left and now we are using a bit of a weaker grip.

And that’s going to allow us to adjust this, however way we like or see fit.  This is a great training aid. Super effective and super cheap. It lets us go through the main checkpoints. Make sure you work on this drill. We recommend doing this, in your living room. Take some notes on from this site and go through each one of these checking points.  Practice as many hours as you can, taking the correct grip and develop that muscle memory. So that you are going to naturally hold the club that way, without even having to think about it. And you are going to play some better golf. It’s going to help you be more consistent.  Helping you hit it farther and have better control over the club.

F&Q How to hold a golf club?

Does grip size effect how you hold a golf club and your swing?

For some golfers a larger grip, reduce the over-active hands, that you don’t turn the club face as much, which should give you straighter shots. Its all comes down to the “feel”. Try between standard, midsize and oversize grips, to see which feels comfortable for you.

What golf grip style does Rory Mcilroy use?

Rory mcilroy uses a interlock grip style, with a a slightly strong left hand position.

What type of grip does Tiger Woods use?

Tiger Woods uses an interlock grip style. More recently woods use a slightly strong left-hand position.

Do you use same type grip for golf driver and irons?

Yes, you should use the same type od grip for your driver as well as irons. But, if you slice or hook too much with a driver, the you may test stronger/weaker left-hand position.

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