🥇 Tips Drills and Instructions to HIT your Golf Hybrids. 7 Types of shots!

How to hit golf hybrids

You can hit your golf hybrids in many different ways. It’s easier to hit a golf hybrids for beginners, mid handicappers as well as low handicappers. Hybrids are favourite clubs of many male and female golfers. We show you 7 different ways that you can use your rescue club on the course and lower your scores.

7 ways you can hit the golf hybrids

  1. Hit golf hybrids off the tee
  2. Hit golf hybrids off the fairway
  3. Using hybrids to hit out of the rough
  4. Using hybrids to bump and run around the green
  5. Using hybrids for recovery shots
  6. Using hybrids to hit out of a divot
  7. Using hybrids to escape from fairway bunkers

Table Of Contents

1. Hit golf hybrids off the Tee

hit golf hybrids off tee

You can hit golf hybrids clubs off the tee, as a safe shot into the fairway. With the loft and low center of gravity, it’s easy to get the ball up in the air. It’s perfect for tight fairways.

Summary - hitting golf hybrids off the Tee

  • Stance: Slightly wider, same as the long irons.
  • Tee height: Tee up as low as possible.
  • Ball position: In line with the shirt logo.
  • Impact: Hit slightly down on the ball. Low point in front of the ball. Negative angle of attack.
  • Swing nice and relaxed. Make a 70-80 % swing

Swing set-up and tee height

When we tee the ball up, we want to tee up incredibly low. If we tee the ball up too high, it may balloon too much into the air, loosing valuable distance. Another advantage is that, when we tee it low, we are able to use the same golf swing from the tee, as from the fairway. In both cases, the balls are close to the ground. It is going to be much easier and going to keep same consistency through the shot. At the same time, gives us a peace of mind that ball is raised up. It helps the golf club to get a clean strike on the ball. It makes sure that we strike the ball little bit towards the top of the club which will give us better ball flight from the tee. If the ball impacts high on the golf club, slightly above center, we get a slightly high launch angle and lower spin rate

Ball position and impact at tee

We are going to approach this just like we would with mid to long irons. We play the ball slightly forward in our stance but only just slightly. We are going to still attempt to take a divot after the golf ball. Sometimes we don’t get any divot, generally because of the way the golf club is designed. We still wanted our low points to be in front of the ball. We still want to feel like we were trapping the ball between the club face and the turf. That will give us that negative angle of attack that we want with this club. That will give us a fantastic result, as the ball fly into the middle of the fairway.

Why should you use a hybrid off a tee, instead of a 3 wood or a driver?

During the summer, if the golf course is a very dry, the fairways play very fast and with a lot of rolling. Your job from the tee, is to place the ball on the fairway. In dry conditions, driver may not be the best option, as the ball starts to roll into hazards. A hybrid suits well in these conditions and might be a better option than a 3 wood or a driver. You don’t know need to pull out your driver every time. Think strategically, where you would like your golf ball to be on the fairway.

2. Hit golf hybrids off the Fairway

hit golf hybrids off fairway

Let’s discuss how you can hit the golf hybrids clubs off the fairway. When the ball is on the ground, we would like the golf swing to be slightly descending as it hits the golf ball. So, the contact point with the ground would like to be in front of the golf ball. In that respect hybrids are actually not that different to a lot of the irons that we play. The hybrid is designed, so that there is a lot of weight in the lower part of the club. And there is also a fair bit weight back of the club, which makes them fly higher and be more versatile from variety of different lies. Your job with a hybrid is to make good contact with the club face. This club is designed to help you get that ball up in the air, off the deck.

Summary - hitting golf hybrids off the Fairway

  • Set up: slightly wider stance, same as the long irons.
  • Ball position: golf ball forward of center in our stance. Neutral grip.
  • Impact: hitting slightly down on the ball. Striking the ground after the golf ball.
  • Swing nice and relaxed: 70-80 % swing speed.

Set up and impact off floor

Our setup is going to be pretty much as it would be for a long iron. We place the golf ball, forward of center in our stance. Maybe ball position equivalent to a 5 iron. Stand width is fairly normal and our grip is fairly neutral. But we still want to feel, that we are striking the ground after the golf ball. In order for us to do that, we need weight on our lead leg at impact. We need to feel like we are rotating through and extending our arms. You have to trust the golf club technology and it will do the job for you.

Hybrids Vs. long irons similarities

Many of you struggle with long irons because you can’t flight the ball well enough. You may end up leaning back or trying to lift the ball in the air. This causes the topping of the golf ball. With the hybrid club, your goal is just to make a golf swing, with a slightly descending blow, and strike the ground after the ball. This is how you avoid topping the ball with a hybrid. Swing it almost like a long iron. And allow the technology in the golf club, to help you generate that straight ball flight.

Drills to hit the golf hybrid better off the ground

We are going to show you a coin drill to help you make your hybrid swing much better. You can use a coin cut out of cardboard (instead of metal). It’s better to do this drill on the grass, than on the mat. We will put the coin, forward of center in our stance. Then we are going to try to brush it, as we swing our club. When you brush, we want you to use a nice and relaxed body and arms. You really want to relax your body and try to brush the coin. In order to get 10 out of 10 correct, you might have to do a lot of these drills. But the more you do it, the better you will be at making a solid contact with the ball.

3. Using hybrids to hit out of the Rough

hit hybrids out off Rough

It is a great option to hit the golf hybrids clubs off the rough, on either side of the fairway. A hybrid got a low center of gravity and when you have the ball sitting down in the rough, you can get some good contact on the ball. Here we don’t do anything different, just trust the golf club. We take the same set up and same swing. And hope that the design of the golf club with that low center of gravity, will help us get the ball in the air. Hybrids are very forgiving club. So even if we don’t catch the ball in the middle of the club, we could get a decent result. If we use a wood or long iron from the rough, we might really struggle to get the ball up in the air.

4. Using hybrids to Bump and run around the green

hit golf hybrids around green

We can hit the golf hybrids clubs around the green, as a bump and run option. This is ideal if we are about 15-20 feet away from the edge of the green. Many beginners struggle with the short game. And if you are not a confident chipper of the golf ball, then it is quite possible to use 7 or 8 iron and get the club stuck in the ground, duffing the shot. So, these rescue clubs are great options here, but it certainly requires little bit practice. With enough practice, you can nail it on the golf course.

Set-up for bump run stroke

Let’s quickly go through the setup and the technique for a bump and run shot. We want to kind of approach this shot like a putt than a chip. For grip, we would go right down to the bottom handle, to have the club at a more usable length. Adopt the grip that we would do with our putter, maybe a reverse overlap grip. And we are going to have our feet very close together. The ball in the middle of feet with a little bit of weight on the lead side. Make sure to stand quite close to golf ball. Get the heel of the golf club raised up, so there is minimum face rotation. The further we stay away from the ball, harder for us to get the ball started on the intended line. Both of our arms are slightly flexed because of the length of the golf club. This is very similar to playing a putting stroke. From here, take our practice strokes, trying to brush the ground. This rescue club is designed so that the sole of the club is very easy to interact with grass. It will not dig into the ground. It is quite a risk-free shot in terms of contact. The golf ball will come off the face a bit different to your irons and putters. It will not really have much of a flight. It will roll very quickly and it’s going to be quite easy for us to get the ball on the green.

Use hybrids instead of chipping around the green.

If you are good chipper the golf ball, then you might not try the hybrid option. If you are not a great chipper of the golf ball and you are playing dry and fast conditions, then this can be a very good option. These rescue clubs are incredibly versatile. Our advice to try a hybrid club in your bag, maybe swapping out a 3 or 4 iron. We do think that, it will make your game a lot easy.

5. Using hybrids for Recovery shots

golf hybrids recovery shots

The hybrids were called rescue clubs, when they first came out. It was because they are excellent at rescuing you out of tricky situations. If we are in the woods, we may need to punch the ball back to the fairway. The hybrid is excellent for this shot because the swing does not need to be long to create enough power. It can keep the ball under the tree branches and get it back in to the fairway. With the flatter bottom of the hybrid, the club does not get stuck in the ground. When you are under the trees or around it, the ground will full of loose debris, and might not be solid as it would be on the fairways. Any mistimed shot can cause you to hit the ball fat.

First, grip down on the club. Use a shorter swing, as you have enough power on the hybrid club head. Keep the shaft a little bit forward, so that you pop the ball and roll it on to the fairway. The lie in the woods can be very unpleasant. With the slightly bigger and flatter club head, hybrid will not get stuck. The hybrid is designed to rescue you out of many tricky situations on the golf course.

6. Using hybrids to hit out of a Divot

hit golf hybrids out off divots

If you are really unlucky, you can find yourselves in a fairway divot. It’s a very tricky situation. Again, we can use the golf hybrids to hit out of the divots. With the flat bottom, this can be ideal for such nasty situations. If we use an iron here, the club head could get stuck in the mud and you might not get a clean contact. With the hybrid, the extra weight and a flatter bottom, we can hit down on the ball, take more divot and get the ball up in the air.

At set, up put the ball in the middle of your stance. As you swing, you will hit down on the ball. You will be taking more divot. The ball will fly like a rocket out of the divot. The flatter bottom just slides through the dirt without digging in.

7. Using hybrids to escape from fairway Bunkers

golf hybrids out off fairway bunker

Many golfers might not use the hybrids out of the fairway bunkers. Their preferred option is irons. But if the fairway bunker lip is very low, the hybrids are a better option. You don’t need to use a load of loft in this situation. A hybrid could be an excellent choice, as it got a flatter bottom, and don’t dig into the sand so easily. The center of gravity is very low for the hybrids, which helps to get the ball up in the air. If executed well, you can get back in play, a lot forward on the fairway. But make sure that the bunker lip is low, in the direction of the target.

At set up, you stand like a regular fairway shot. You will take some sand as you swing, without digging in. With a good contact, the ball will fly miles into the fairway, and closer to the hole. If conditions are right, don’t grab a sands wedge or a short iron in the fairway bunkers. Instead, use the hybrid and it can help you get closer to the hole.

Golf Hybrids are very versatile

The hybrids golf clubs that many of you carry in your bag are incredibly versatile. They have multiple uses on the course. If you get comfortable using this club from these multiple different situations, you are going to find it becoming your favourite club. Many of the female golfers we coach absolutely love their hybrids. And they wouldn’t be without them. Some 10-15 years ago these golf clubs didn’t even exist. But they have become popular now. And if you are a golfer who doesn’t strike the ball particularly well or if you have relatively low speed, they make playing much easier. 

F&Q Types of golf hybrid shots

How far can you hit a 3 hybrid?

The distance you can hit with a 3 hybrid will depend on your skill level and swing speed. 

  • If your swing speed is 65 mph, you may hit around 160 yards.
  • For a swing speed of 80 mph, 190 yards
  • Swing seed of 95 mph, around 205 yards
  • Finally for 105 mph+, you may reach 221 yards+

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