🥇 Tips and drills to Increase your Backspin when Pitching and Chipping

improve golf backspin

Here we are going to show you tips, drills and instructions to increase your backspin when pitching and chipping. We will show you how to put backspin on chip shots and pitch shots. Many golfers want their ball to stop quickly on the green. So it is good to understand the key factors that helps you with backspin.

7 tips to increase your backspin when pitching and chipping

1. Clean, dry and fresh grooves on the wedge

Let’s look into ways to improve backspin when pitching and chipping using a golf club. To get maximum backspin, you need clean, fresh and dry grooves. If there is mud or water on the wedge, then you may create less backspin on the golf balls. So, it is important to clean the wedges, before you make the pitch or chip.

Also, the grooves on your wedges can wear out after a while. Many manufacturers make the grooves off softer materials, which tend to wear out, over repeated usage. So, it’s advisable to get a wedge with enough groves left. You can also try a groove sharpener if possible. Any altered grooves are fine for your casual golf rounds, but for tournaments,  it is illegal.

2. The lie of the ball on the ground

The lie of the ball on the ground influences how much spin you can put when pitching or chipping. The golf ball must be in a fairly good lie to allow the club face to get clean direct contact. Any obstructions like dirt, grass or water on the club face, dramatically decreases the transmission of spin from club face to ball.

3. The softness of the ball increases spin

Another key factor to increase backspin on a golf ball, is to play a softer ball. The soft covering allows the ball to penetrate further into the grooves of the club face. Lengthening the time over which the club face transmit spin to the ball at impact.

4. Loft of the club

You can improve your backspin, by choosing the right club. The more loft on the club, the more you can spin the ball. So, if the distance is right, use the sand wedge or lob wedge for maximum spin.

5. More spin with head wind

Backspin is more effective with a head wind, as the ball will maintain the backspin and the height in the air. With tailwind, you get reduced spin.

6. Better spin on softer greens

The softer green offer better backspin than harder greens, as the golf ball grips the surface better, thus maintaining the spin.

7. Slope of the green

If you hit a wedge with some spin on to an uphill green, you may preserve some of that spin. But you may want to be careful on softer and uphill greens, as the ball might spin back too much. To control your backspin, you have to take the slope in to consideration.

How to put backspin on pitch shots?

increase backspin golf pitching

Let’s check how we can get some backspin when pitching, as we want to the ball to stop quickly, once it hits the green.

Set-up for backspin

Place your club behind the ball and open the club face slightly. Set up in an open stance aiming your body to the left of the target and put 60 to 70 percent of your weight on your left foot. The ideal ball position is in the middle of your stance.

The correct swing for backspin

Keep your weight on your left foot, as this makes you swing the club down at the ball, at a steeper angle, creating more spin with the wedge. With such a steep swing, the leading edge of the club face would normally cut down into the ground instead the open club face allows the club to bounce off the ground and slide under the ball.

This set up makes the swing steep enough, so that you only need to use a slight twist action when rotating your body, arms and hands into the backswing. As you swing down your body rotates through, your hands keep the club face open, increasing the time of impact and generating a lot of backspin.

Backspin drill when pitching

Let’s check how to spin a pitch shot. Do the practice from a fairway bunker, around 50 to 60 yards from the green. In order to put enough backspin on the pitch shot, the club face must hit the ball before touching the sand. This drill will help you to catch the ball cleanly at impact, as you make sure that there is no obstruction between the club face and the ball.

How to put backspin on chip shots?

This tip will improve your backspin when chipping around the green. We want consistent strike and increase the spin with the wedges. Here we can use a 60 to 56-degree wedge for the chip shot. 

improve golf backspin drill

Backspin drill when chipping

Lets check how to spin a chip shot. You need an alignment stick for this drill. Take the alignment stick and place it along your grip, outside of your left hip. Put the ball in the middle of stance. Weight 70% on the left leg. Keep the slightly open, depending on how much spin you want to put on the ball and how far front you want to land the ball. The more loft you present, the more spin you will get, to stop the ball.

Take a couple of warm up chip shots, brushing the grass. Keep your hands ahead, so that you don’t brush the alignment stick with your hip. Many golfers try to flick it with the right hand. Make sure not to let the club head overtakes your hands and skin the ball. Take it back and through on a shallow path. You won’t have much break in the wrists, as you come down nice and shallow. Keep repeating this drill and you will get enough backspin on your chip shots.

Is it possible to put backspin from semi-rough and deep rough?

golf backspin rough

The more grass you get between the clubface and the ball, the less backspin with your wedges. So, on a semi rough, you will get less spin than on a clean fairway lie. In deep rough, you will get even less spin. A ball with no spin, out of a rough is sometimes called a “flier” ball, which usually just runs through the green, without stopping.

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