🥇 What are the 7 types of Golf Clubs in Your Bag?

types of golf clubs

According to the rules of golf, you are allowed to carry a maximum of 14 golf clubs in your bag. What types of golf clubs do you need? What do each club do? We are here with some good advice on how to build your bag, as beginners, high handicappers, mid handicappers or  low handicappers.

The 7 most common types of golf clubs

  1. Driver – used mainly for your tee shots
  2. Fairway Wood – used off tees and fairways
  3. Hybrids – used off tees, fairways and roughs
  4. Irons – used off tees, fairways, roughs and for chipping
  5. Driving Iron – used off tees and fairways.
  6. Wedges – used for full shots, pitching, chipping and from bunkers.
  7. Putter – used for putting on and off green.

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Which types golf clubs should you carry? The Ideal golf bag setup​

types of golf clubs bag

Lets look at the types golf clubs one should carry on the course. Your ideal golf bag setup​. As per golf rules, you are allowed to have 14 golf clubs, in your bag. You cannot have more than that, but you can have less. If you want, you could have 14 drivers or 14 putters. We go over the the most common golf set, golfers have and give you an idea of what you might want to look for.


golf driver at address

The longest golf club is the driver. And you are going to use it mainly for your tee shots.  It should theoretically go the farthest. However, it is the hardest golf club to hit, for most golfers. As there is not as much loft on the club face, it is going to have a lot more tendency to get the side spin, which results in hooking or slicing of a ball. It is also the longest club in your bag. So, it is going to be the hardest club to control. The driver is also referred to as a one wood.  It is called the wood, because back in the day, they were made out of wood, but nowadays, they are made out of materials like titanium.

Fairway Wood

golf fairway woods

Now we will discuss golf fairway woods. They are also called metal woods. A 3 wood theoretically is the second longest club in the bag. So, it should go the second farthest in distance. The 3 wood is long, and it is kind of hard to hit, especially just off the grass for most golfers. Even though it is not the easiest to hit off the turf or the grass, it is a lot easier to hit off the tee. For most beginners, it is better using a 3 wood or a 5 wood off the tee, than a driver. A 3 wood has more loft and it is going to get more backspin which is going to help the ball go straighter. So, for most beginners, you are going to get more distance and accuracy off the tee with the 3 wood than your driver. Also, most beginners try to “kill it” with a driver, causing incorrect swing rhythm and they ends up in trouble. There are different types of woods you can have. They are:

  • 1 wood (driver)
  • 3 wood
  • 5 wood
  • 7 wood
  • 9 wood.


golf irons

Let’s check , how to The irons usually come in a set. There are different types of woods you can have. They are 1 iron to 9 iron. The difference is the loft and the length of their shaft. The 1 iron is going to go longer and a little lower than the 9 iron. For 9 iron, the ball goes higher, and it go shorter distance. Most golfers will have sets of irons that are all made by the same company.


golf hybrid woods driver

In recent years manufacturers have come out with clubs called hybrids or a rescue club. A hybrid is a combination between an iron and a fairway wood. The whole reason for that is, if you look at your 4 iron, it has fairly thin clubhead and there is not a whole lot of mass to it. And it takes a lot of practice to be consistent with the 4 iron or 5 iron. So, manufacturer started making clubs called hybrids. They took the body of a fairway wood, which is bigger, but they kept the lofts and the phase angle of the irons. This makes it longer and easier to get up in the air. Because once you get past a five iron, it is very hard to hit the lower irons. However, for the hybrids they moved the mass back to the club and it really helps getting the ball into the air. So, there is not really a need to hit a 3 iron anymore. Manufacturers do make complete sets, that are all hybrid style clubs. You usually see 3 hybrid or a 2 hybrid with many golfers.


golf wedges

And then we have our wedges. We have a pitching wedge, gap or approach wedge, a sand wedge and a lob wedge. The only difference between the wedges are their lofts and grinds. Each club has a different amount of loft or angle when it sits on the ground. And that determines how high it’s going to go and how far. The wedges come in different degrees for the most part.

  • P or pw = pitching wedge (45-49 degrees)
  • G or gw = gap wedge (50-54 degrees)
  • A or aw = approach wedge (50-54 degrees)
  • S or sw = sand wedge (55-58 degrees)
  • L or lw = lob wedge (59-64 degrees)

Notice that the gap wedge and the approach have the same loft range!


golf putter

The last club we have is a putter. And there are all kinds of different styles of putters. Putter is an important part of your short game. Putters are usually divided into three different types:

  • Blades
  • Half-mallets
  • Mallets

Driving Iron

golf driving irons

A driving iron, which is similar in performance to a rescue club, but looks like an iron, with a little more mass behind the club head. It is usually used to drive of the tees.


The final set of golf clubs in your bag depends on your skill level, playing style, the types of golf courses that you play and the conditions that you play under. But the most important is making sure that you have a club for any situation or distance that can occur on the golf course. It’s worthless carrying a golf club that you cannot hit or never will use.

Number system for golf clubs

One thing you want to notice is that there is a number system for most golf clubs. The lower the number, the lower the ball flight and farther distance the ball should go. Higher the number, the higher the ball should go and the shorter distance.

The one difference between the number system between the woods and the irons are that irons have even numbers. Woods you don’t see even number. They do make them, but they are very rare, and most golfers don’t carry them. So, you are going to see golfers with 1 woods, 3 woods, 5 woods 7 woods even 9 woods and 11 woods. But you are not going to really see golfers with two, four, six, eight or ten woods

Loft differences between golf clubs

So, when you look at the loft differences between irons, they are usually about four degrees between them. Your 7 iron has four degrees less loft then your 8 iron. If we set the clubs on the ground, you could see that. You want to try and keep that 4 degrees difference in your golf set.

Guide to the golf clubs in your bag and types of shots you make with them

The different type of golf clubs is sometimes overwhelming, especially for a mid handicap and high handicap players.  The below table offers you a fast guide to the different clubs in your bag and also the types of shots you make with them.




Off the tee. Very rarely off the fairway, for a long second shot. If the lie is great and the balls sits up nicely, then go for it!

Fairway Woods

Off the tee or from the fairway


From rough/tight lies or from the fairway.

Driving Iron

Off the tee or from the fairway


Off the tees, fairways or around the green. Low numbered irons for longer shorts and high numbered irons for shorter distances


Wedges are used for golf pitching, usually inside 100 yards. They are also used for golf chipping around the green and bunkers!


On the green, from the green fringes and sometimes from around the green, if there is no obstruction.

Distance yardage chart for golf clubs

Below we have compiled a distance chart for the different types of golf clubs in your bag. The yardage or distance for clubs varies between players of different skill levels and swing speeds.

Note! This is just a rough estimate of the co-relation between your swing speed and the distance. Obviously the distance varies between different club manufactures. The loft and lie angle on the 8 iron from Callaway could be different to that of Taylormade. The loft and lie angle influences how much distance you get out of a club.  We advice you to get fitted at the local golf shop for more accurate distances.

3 iron150176191207
4 iron140166181197
5 iron130155170186
6 iron120144159175
7 iron110133148164
8 iron100123138153
9 iron90113128142

How to Organize Golf Clubs in a carry Bag

Organize Golf Clubs in a carry Bag

Here we are going to talk about how to arrange a set of different types golf clubs in a bag. It is important to organize the clubs, than just randomly throwing your clubs in a bag.  We want to make sure the weight balances. Keep you shortest clubs at the bottom end of the golf bag. So, you like to have all of your shorter clubs, your pitching wedge, sand wedge, in the very shortest bottom end of the golf bag. Then as you go into the middle section. Place mid-length clubs in the middle of the bag. You try to separate the 7, 8, 9 on the right and 4, 5, 6 to the left. So, you have got your shorter clubs in the bottom, shorter irons to the middle right and your longer irons to the middle left and longer clubs on the top. Longer clubs belong at the top of the bag. You put your woods, hybrids and driver at the top of the bag compartment. The reason for this is to balance the weight, more than anything else. Another reason is that you know exactly where your clubs are in the bag all the time. Keep the putter with the woods at the top. You put your putter near your woods at the top section so that it does not clash with the irons and get chipped or marred by the irons. Some bags have a little putter holder which is nice, but always put your platter so that way when you pick your bag up your bag balances very easily. 

How To Organize Golf Clubs In A Cart Bag​

Organize Golf Clubs In A Cart Bag​

Lets check how to organize golf clubs in a cart bag. Sometimes we have a situation,  where we don’t carry your clubs.  Some may use a cart bag. Cart bags are placed, so that bags and the compartments that you keep your equipment in, are to the outside of the cart. So, your woods go to the back of the bag and your irons would go to the front. The balance is important because it’s riding on a golf cart. But it makes it easily accessible and you will be able to see your irons. If you have the woods in front on a cart with the bags the opposite way, you can’t see your clubs to get them out. So keep your shorter golf clubs at the front, mid-range clubs in the middle, woods to the top. If you’re riding all the time with a golf cart with a cart bag, keep your golf clubs, were woods are at the back of your bag and short irons to the front, so you can see them. This is how to arrange golf clubs in your cart-bag.

F&Q Type of golf clubs

Is buying used second hand golf clubs a good idea?

Yes, you can buy used clubs whenever possible. When choosing second hand or used clubs, you have to make sure that it’s not FAKE. These fake clubs are very common now days, and very hard to spot as a beginner. Our advice is to try the clubs at a driving range or a simulator.  If purchased online try them out in the first few days of purchase and return it if not satisfied.

What is golf club fitting?

Club fitting is when a trained professional creates a set of clubs that is perfectly suited to your body shape and swing speed. 

Does golf club fitting really make a difference?

Yes and NO. If you are a real beginner, you may want to focus on acquiring skills rather than on the club fitting. But once you have played a few years, then club fitting can really make a difference.

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